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Accelerating digital transformation, one mortgage at a time

Our mission

Financing a dream home should be a delightful journey. Yet, the current mortgage process often feels long, stressful, and inefficient. We want to transform that! With Oper, future homebuyers can apply for their loans seamlessly and lenders can manage the whole process with ease and transparency.

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Our story

It all started when Geert and Wouter were working in EY helping lenders with their mortgage processes. Excited to tackle the problem from a different, purely technology-driven angle they moved into the startup space. Nick, who was also dissatisfied with the mortgage processes, joined as the technical founder.

Having taken mortgage loans themselves made them feel the pain and understand the opportunity. The 3 Antwerp-based founders started their journey together. The goal of fixing mortgages and making sure that borrowers in Europe have the best possible mortgage experience has been driving them since then.

Company timeline

Started working on the idea
F10 accelerator
First lender clients
Seed round
Go-live first Austrian client
Pre-seed round
Go-live first Swiss client
Series A funding with Bessemer and Motive Ventures
Available in 6 countries
Launched Hyponation in Czechia

Transforming  how people finance their homes 

Flexibility and autonomy
Passionate about our mission
Culture of trust, ownership and respect
Work-life balance

Our values

Now Oper operates semi-remotely with offices in Brussels and ZĂĽrich, and our team spans across Europe.

We unite talent passionate about growth and challenging the status quo. We foster a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, and open communication while making sure to foster personal relationships and keeping a work-life balance. If you thrive in a challenging, supportive, and fun environment, then Oper is the place for you.

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Our Team

Geert Van Kerckhoven
CEO and Co-founder
Wouter Lachat
Head of CS and Co-Founder
Charlotte Mast
VP of Finance
Sumit Tada
Head of Engineering
Otto Saksa
Head of Product
Andrea Brusoni
Strategic Project Lead​
Merlina Ramani-Muhovic
Talent Manager
Stephanie Ng-Fragner
General Counsel
Urs Baumgartner
Account Executive
Achim Arnold
Account Executive
Natalia Slota
Marketing Manager
Alexandra Bendicakova
Product Manager
Mathieu Van Belle
Principal Product Manager
Maria Martin
Product Manager
Belinda Peeters
Finance and Operations

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Our offices

Oper Credits BV

Lange Gasthuisstraat 29/31
2000 Antwerpen
Oper Credits AG
Josefstrasse 219

8005 ZĂĽrich, Switzerland
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