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Your ultimate digital mortgage solution

Increase conversions, lower transaction costs and boost borrower experience - from contact to contract

Trusted by industry leaders

It’s time to digitise mortgagesdon't you think?

Oper enables lenders to streamline processes and deliver an exceptional borrower experience faster than ever before.

Say farewell to manual mortgages

Supercharge your mortgage origination and provide digital journeys for your borrowers, advisors and credit analysts. From affordability assessments to closing, Oper helps European lenders to boost efficiency, transparency and closing times.

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With Oper our clients see:

Faster mortgage decision
Customer conversion
Boost in first time right scores

Why Oper?

Boost your conversion rates
Increase your conversion rates with self-served borrower affordability assessment and other tools
Offer great experiences
Provide digital and personalised mortgage journey that fosters transparency and reduces borrower anxiety
Increase operational efficiency
Streamline every step of your mortgage origination by leveraging our smart data tools

One, ultimate solution

Our white-label platform integrates seamlessly with your systems

White-label solution to fit your needs

Oper integrates seamlessly with your core banking to provide a coherent user experience
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Trusted by industry leaders

Herman Bruyland
Managing Director at Creafin
“Our credit application tool Creanet 2.0., developed by Oper Credits, facilitates a paperless, smooth and workflow driven origination process that enables us to expand our business. Furthermore, Oper Credit’s team is very responsive to our needs and is value added.”
Véronique Jacobs
Product Manager at Triodos Bank
"Since we are using our new digital mortgage simulation tool by Oper, not only did we achieve a significant increase in the number of qualitative leads, but we also saw a remarkable 27% increase in the conversion rate. The flexibility of Oper's digital solutions for mortgage loans has given us great satisfaction and the results exceed our expectations."
Yannick Grandjean
Digital Banking Manager at Bank Cler
‍“The new online mortgage application process significantly improved Bank Cler’s ability to distribute mortgages digitally. Compared to our previous channel, our reports show increasing volumes and a higher conversion rate.”
Herman Verbruggen
Financial Advisor, Hillewaere Hypotheken
"Oper really approaches things dynamically, in a way that fits very well our way of working. They listen to our needs, as well as the needs of our clients, and find the best solutions."
Peter Vermeerbergen
Director, Hypo-Expert
"Oper can be used for both sales and management support. The ultimate goal is to offer a comparison between the different lenders, so that the customer can make their best choice."

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Bank-grade Security

Protect your data with bank-level security and robust GDPR compliance.

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Empower your advisors with Oper’s cutting-edge platform to seamlessly generate and qualify mortgage leads while crafting solutions that convert. Oper helps you elevate your mortgage offering into the 21st century.