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What are the Mortgage Trends for 2024?

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The world of finance is evolving in a faster pace than ever before, and it's crucial for us as leaders and innovators to understand how these changes can work to our advantage. In this report, we identify the four key trends shaping the next era of mortgages in Europe which include the ongoing uncertainty surrounding interest rates, contributing to heightened volatility in consumer behaviour as well as an accelerated industry focus on green finance, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in the sector.

On the technological front, we believe that Open Finance and the rise of Open Data facilitate a more interconnected and accessible financial ecosystem while the democratization of AI through Generative AI and LLMs promise a wider accessibility and integration of AI applications. Download our report today to read more about each trend in detail and understand the key opportunities they present.

The world of finance is evolving in a faster pace than ever before

Authors and contributors

Geert Van Kerckhoven
CEO and Co-founder
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Andrea Brusoni
Strategic Projects Lead
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Natalia Slota
Marketing Manager
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