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Are Green Mortgages the Bridge to a Greener Housing Landscape?

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For Europe to meet the Green Deal targets set in 2023, 500,000 homes must be upgraded weekly. Facilitating this transformation will put a wind of change in motion for local governments (public sector), financial services (private sector), and ultimately consumers. In this report, we have focused on what the financial sector can and will do to support the transition to energy-efficient upgrades.

Financing renovation projects and supporting energy-efficient new builds and modifications, which we call green mortgages and sustainable finance, will play an essential role as a lever for this change. Our report shows, however, that this positive transformation also comes with increased complexity for lenders and borrowers.

Download this report and read our analysis in detail on how leveraging energy, supported by good advisory processes and tools, can create value for borrowers and lenders and ultimately contribute positively to the ambitious targets the European regulators have laid out.

To fulfil the goals of the EU Green Deal, around 500,000 homes need upgrading weekly

Authors and contributors

Geert Van Kerckhoven
CEO and Co-founder
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Urs Baumgartner
Account Executive
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Achim Arnold
Account Executive
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Thibaut Nivelles
CEO and Founder

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