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Ensuring Security and Trust in Mortgage Lending: Oper Credits Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

In the digital landscape, the importance of safeguarding sensitive information cannot be understated, especially when it comes to the banking industry.
Natalia Slota
October 31, 2023

To reaffirm our commitment to the highest standards of information security, Oper Credits is excited to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious ISO 27001 certification. This achievement is not only a significant milestone for Oper but also a testament to our dedication to providing a secure and streamlined mortgage lending process for our clients.

What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard for information security management systems. This certification demonstrates that Oper Credits has met stringent requirements for the protection of information assets, and sensitive data. It is not just a one-time achievement but an ongoing commitment to maintaining robust security measures.

Why is it important?

  1. Enhanced Data Security: The mortgage industry deals with a vast amount of sensitive information, making it an attractive target for cybercriminals. ISO 27001 certification assures our clients that their data is protected at the highest level. To safeguard sensitive information against data breaches and their costly repercussions, we have implemented stringent security controls and best practices in accordance with the certification requirements.
  2. Compliance and Trust: Mortgage lenders are subject to strict data protection regulations and compliance with ISO 27001 helps to ensure that all legal requirements are met, avoiding potential legal issues. The certification demonstrates our dedication to compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Our current and prospective clients can trust Oper to handle their information responsibly and in accordance with all applicable laws.
  3. Improved Operational Efficiency: With ISO 27001, Oper Credits has streamlined its processes, which results in more efficient operations. By streamlining processes, Oper Credits can offer faster and more efficient services to clients, making mortgage lending much smoother.

Oper Credits' attainment of ISO 27001 certification is a significant achievement for our company and an even more significant win for our clients. It underscores our commitment to data security, operational efficiency, and customer trust. With this certification, we are better equipped than ever to provide a secure and efficient mortgage lending experience and our clients can have confidence in our ability to protect their information and streamline their processes.


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