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A New Era in Czech Mortgages: Prominent Mortgage Industry Players Join Forces to Create Hyponation

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Natalia Slota
September 14, 2023

A strategic collaboration between key mortgage industry leaders – Broker Consulting, Broker Trust, Gepard Finance, Oper Credits, Partners Financial Services and Sab Servis – has given rise to Hyponation, an innovative industry consortium set to redefine the mortgage lending landscape in the Czech Republic.

Hyponation, resulting from in-depth market research and years of industry experience, aims to forge a pathway toward efficient broker-lender communication through a shared API infrastructure. This collaborative effort is designed to accelerate transformation within the mortgage sector by pooling resources and expertise.

”The establishment of Hyponation represents a new era for Czech mortgages. We have the willingness and the resources to make broker-lender communication 100% digital within the next 24 months, ensuring a smoother and faster journey for the consumers and optimized processes for both lenders and brokers. The Czech Republic confirms its reputation as an innovator within the CEE region” stated Geert Van Kerckhoven, CEO of Oper Credits.

The current collaboration model between brokers and lenders faces persisting challenges. “Today the communications with the lenders are still mostly “manual”. Our agents are still in many cases required to physically visit the branches, carrying documents back and forth. Things aren’t better for the lenders. They manually type the applications into their systems and then scan and store the paper copies of all documents” highlighted Libor Ostatek, Mortgage Expert at Broker Trust.

The communication frictions and the limited transparency in lenders' criteria result in inefficient broker-lender processes and hinder the very core of mortgage approvals, with low first-time-right rates and prolonged time-to-yes periods.

Hyponation tackles these issues head-on by providing a smart data “enriched” API gateway. All lender-brokers communications, from application data to acceptance verifications, will go through a single 100% digital channel. Smart data will enable preemptive verifications and full digitalization of lenders’ approval processes on the broker channel.

"As a collaborative initiative, Hyponation envisions a collaborative ecosystem where brokers, lenders, and data providers can collectively enhance data quality and accelerate credit decisions," emphasized Jan Brejl, CSO at Partners Financial Services.

We believe Hyponation will have a dramatic impact on the mortgage ecosystem within the next few years by:

  • Enhancing first-time-right instances by 30% through standardized communication protocols and improved data quality.
  • Accelerating time-to-yes by 50% through shared data validations, streamlining the credit decision process.
  • Reducing IT costs through scale, enabling cost-effective internal development for brokers and lenders.

For additional information about Hyponation's mission and initiatives, please visit or contact Natalia Slota at

About Hyponation A.S.:Hyponation is a Joint Venture Company formed through the partnership of the 5 largest broker companies in the Czech market, representing 60% of the mortgage market – Broker Consulting, Broker Trust, Gepard Finance, Partners Financial Services and Sab Servis –  and Oper Credits as a technology partner. Driven by a shared commitment to modernize mortgage lending practices, Hyponation seeks to empower brokers, lenders, and data providers with an advanced API infrastructure, fostering efficiency, transparency, and cooperation.

Media Contact:

Natalia Slota

Marketing ManagerOper Credits


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