About Oper

Well, we all know the general trends of digitization, mobile and online. The industry of mortgage loans is not different.

We did the research and borrowers are spending countless days sending documents, filling out forms and having phone calls with their broker or lender not knowing whether they will eventually get the loan. If you know there are 7 million mortgages closed in Europe every year, that’s a lot of phone calls, emails, and lost time…

With Oper we are tackling this issue. We are providing lenders and mortgage brokers the technology to streamline the process from the first client contact all the way up to signing the mortgage contract. We offer an out-of-the-box, white-label SAAS product that supports self-service mortgage applications, tools for collaboration, digital signatures, integrations with relevant data sources and so much more.

Oper has offices in Zürich and Antwerp (Belgium). Yes, we are taking Europe by storm.

About the Job

With our product, we want to change the mortgage industry. We want to solve some of the biggest problems of our clients and their clients. We noticed that mortgage brokers are spending a lot of precious time on unqualified leads. We see that mortgage brokers and lenders are struggling with providing their clients with quick decisions and approvals. We see that the process is not transparent from a borrower point of view which leaves them with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Finally, we see paperwork. And we see a lot of it!

As a product manager, you will be responsible to guide our product in the right direction so that we are solving thes problems for our clients. What you will do:

  • You are the customers’ and the users’ voice within the company
  • You lead discovery efforts to deeply understand the industry and different segments of the market.
  • You uncover the market’s greatest pain points and turn them into scalable product solutions
  • You have complete ownership of end to end feature delivery: problem discovery, solution validation, user story definition, development, testing and release
  • You collaborate with engineers and designers to find the best possible solutions
  • You use techniques such as prototyping, user research and data analysis to make decisions
  • You structure business processes of our client personas and find ways to improve them
  • You identify, track and analyse key product success metrics to ensure the product is achieving company goals

What you will bring

  • You have 3 – 5 years of working experience in product management
  • You have experience in agile product development methodologies from discovery, to user story, to development and testing.
  • You are highly analytical and have an understanding of technology
  • You allocate resources on the highest value opportunities and can back up your decisions with data
  • You know how to communicate ideas and opinions effectively, and you can navigate and align multiple stakeholders
  • You have the motivation to take ownership on ideas to drive them into actual projects
  • You know how to discover the right problems to focus on and how to validate the possible solutions
  • You have strong empathy for customers and an unwillingness to compromise on user-centred design
  • Your favourite word is ‘Why’ and you are comfortable with healthy debate
  • You are fluent in English and you are able to adapt your communication style to work well with people from around the world who may not share your native language

Bonus points

  • You have experience working in a relevant industry (financial services) or relevant environment (startups)
  • You have an understanding of the European mortgage market
  • You have product design skills (e.g. Sketch)
  • You have (Swiss) German skills (understanding, writing, speaking,…)

What do we offer

We are a young organization, with a strong ambition to change things around.

To realize this, we’re building a dream team in which you will be challenged tremendously and where you will work with a high level of autonomy. This way of working will enable you to grow and the company to flourish.

We are a European company with a presence in Antwerp, London and Zurich and a distributed remote product team within the time zones of UTC-1 and UTC+3.

To get the best talent to join our team, we are fully aware that we need to offer the best working conditions. Hence our offer, both financially and personally, will match those of our targeted peers.