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About Bank Cler

Bank Cler AG is one of the leading Swiss banks. Headquartered in Basel, it focuses its offering on the needs of private and real estate customers as well as on private banking. "Cler" comes from the Romansh and stands for clear, bright, distinct. The name says it all: Bank Cler makes banking easy and understandable and provides advice on an equal footing. It has offices in all language regions. In addition, Bank Cler launched Zak, the first Swiss neobanking app. Bank Cler is a 100% subsidiary of Basler Kantonalbank.

Collaboration/solution with Oper

Bank Cler started its journey with Oper in 2021 as an innovation project with the goal of improving the digital mortgage journey of expats living in Switzerland. Due to its success, the initiative has been further extended to fit the bank’s evolving needs.

To reach these goals, Cler rolled out an online digital mortgage journey, including a mortgage simulator, leveraging Oper’s Journey Builder solution, which was seamlessly integrated with the bank’s already existing infrastructure and tools. By enhancing Bank Cler’s current workflow, Oper’s solution facilitated more efficient processes for intermediaries and advisors and improved customer satisfaction.

A more efficient process helped intermediaries and customer advisors focus on other important activities. It helped customers eliminate the anxiety of the traditional mortgage process while providing them with a better understanding of the subject. The smooth and intuitive user experience of the tool increased customers’ trust and facilitated the use of Oper’s Mortgage Advisor and Journey Builder. Finally, the solution’s ability to integrate with Bank Cler’s other digital products, such as Zak, made it an ideal tool for cross- and upselling.

Read the full success story here.

‍“The new online mortgage application process significantly improved Bank Cler’s ability to distribute mortgages digitally. Compared to our previous channel, our reports show increasing volumes and a higher conversion rate.”
Yannick Grandjean
Digital Banking Manager at Bank Cler
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