About Hypo-Expert

Hypo-Expert was founded by 11 independent DVV insurance advisers whom united 85 independent offices under their umbrella. Both DVV insurances as well as mortgage products are offered through the network, however, navigating the Belgian mortgage landscape proved challenging due to a variety of factors.

As such, Hypo-Expert set out to procure an application or software that would enable them to offer a variety of mortgage products from key lenders in the Belgium market, to their borrowers. Leveraging this application should assist Hypo-Expert in helping borrowers with their journey, through e.g. digital onboarding and document management, and overall enable a better real-estate buying experience.

Collaboration/solution with Oper

Oper offers an end-to-end solution through state-of-the-art technology and a product suite that is tailored to this specific use case. Furthermore, the current operating model offers the flexibility to offer tailor-made development or tenant specific features. With 85 offices in the network, a feasible and straight-forward solution to have a view on, and manage the mortgage pipeline was imperative. In addition, a multitude of supporting features, such as a document library and a commission distribution tool, help in improving and streamlining the day-to-day operations. Given that Oper software by default includes a range of required features and more, is committed to delivering the best possible experience to both borrowers and advisers and provides stellar support, the choice for Hypo-Expert was easy.

"Oper can be used for both sales and management support. The ultimate goal is to offer a comparison between the different lenders, so that the customer can make their best choice."
Peter Vermeerbergen
Director, Hypo-Expert
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