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About Hillewaere Hypotheken

Hillewaere Hypotheken is part of Hillewaere Group. The group is a cluster of of 3 companies: Hillewaere Verzekeringen (insurance), Hillewaere Vastgoed (real estate) and Hillewaere Hypotheken (mortgages).

The mission of the Hillewaere Group is to optimally advise its clients in acquiring, managing, protecting and arranging their assets. Hillewaere constantly strives for innovation within the sectors in which the group is active in order to optimize the quality and speed of the services provided to its clients.

Hillewaere Hypotheken aims to offer guidance in the maze of mortgage loans and support their clients to find a solution tailored to their personal situation. And to do this in a service-oriented and proactive way.

Collaboration/solution with Oper

Hillewaere has been working with Oper since summer 2021 in providing great digital customer experience & processing mortgage applications as efficient as possible.

Hillewaere's ambition was to improve their operational excellence and provide a clients with a customer-centric digital mortgage journey while keeping the human touch.

They achieved this by implementing a combination of Oper’s Advisor Portal and Journey Builder. Embedding the Journey Builder on their real estate and mortgage websites allows clients to apply for a mortgage in a secure, digital-first fashion.

The incoming requests are easily followed up in the Advisor portal by Herman, one of Hillewaere’s financial advisors. The portal supports Herman throughout the mortgage application process: enriching incoming leads with more detail, managing documents, product advisory and task management. This empowers him to focus on what matters the most: adding a personal touch and his professional experience supporting clients to find the best solution for their situation. Once the client has chosen the best fit Herman sends the data from the Advisor portal to the system of the lender.

The solution outlined above empowers Hillewaere to deliver on its goals with Oper. Striving for innovation and commercial excellence and  keeping the human touch with their customers.

"Oper really approaches things dynamically, in a way that fits very well our way of working. They listen to our needs, as well as the needs of our clients, and find the best solutions."
Herman Verbruggen
Financial Advisor, Hillewaere Hypotheken
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