Digital Mortgages, Made Easy.

Our out-of-the-box solution digitizes your business so you can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Digital Mortgages, Made Easy.

How it Works

Digital mortgage channel
Account Creation
Allow clients to sign-up to your digital mortgage channel in a secure way so that they can provide you with information and documents before your advisory conversation.

Digital onboarding flow
Clients complete a borrower profile and loan request, providing a better understanding of their needs and financial position.

Self-service pre-approval logic
Provide clients with an estimated mortgage rate and loan amount through our configurable product recommendations
Gather Proof
Data Collection
Oper gathers data from the source, including Open Banking, real estate valuation, and credit scoring data

Secure Document Upload
After a product has been chosen, the client continues to application and uploads proof documents digitally through our app

Document management
Easily view and verify proof documents, minimizing back-and-forth needed with clients
Close the Mortgage
Manage your sales pipeline
Track the status of your loan requests and clients with built-in prioritization functionality through the agent portal

Digitally Close the Mortgage
Once the application is finalized and approved, clients can sign and close their mortgage digitally through the client portal

Data and document push
Easily send data and documents to the lender with a simple click of a button.


Oper offers bank-grade data security through a private, secured cloud environment. Our security systems are routinely tested by a 3rd party security firm to ensure all customer data is handled safely and in compliance with GDPR.

For the majority of countries we are active in Oper sources the different pricing tables through integrations with lenders. This pricing data, combined with the loan application information is used to provide the broker with tailored product recommendations for each client.

Our open API architecture also makes it easy to integrate into your existing systems and that of your partners (e.g. lenders). Oper also offers a variety of standard integrations in different markets.

We currently have clients across Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK but are continuing to onboard new brokers throughout Europe. Language options on Oper’s broker and customer portals are also fully configurable to assist clients across Europe.

Do you want to digitise your mortgage offering?