About Oper

At Oper, we believe that getting a mortgage should take just a few clicks, from the comfort of your own home. Our team is working with lenders and brokers to redesign their mortgages processes and make this dream a reality. We offer lenders and brokers an out-of-the-box, white-labeled SaaS product that supports self-service mortgage applications, collaboration tools, digital signatures, integrations with relevant data sources and more.

Our early traction has attracted top industry investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Swiss Immo Lab, Verve Ventures and Pitchdrive and earned us recognition with top FinTech accelerators such as Barclays Techstars, Plug & Play and F10 FinTech Accelerator.

We’re a hybrid remote company with team members spread over continental Europe and offices in Zürich and Antwerp. At the time of writing our small but quickly growing team consists of 7 nationalities and 6 different mother tongues. We’re very proud on this diverse set of people and the intellectually stimulating environment it creates.

As a technology driven company we use a modern tech stack including Angular, NX, NgRx, RxJS, Python, Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, Redis, GitLab CI/CD, Terraform, Kubernetes and a range of cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) and tools. The whole team is focused on delivering world-class customer experience consistently on each deploy without sacrificing quality.

What makes you a great fit

– A bright engineering mind that is passionate about technology

– You have 1+ years of experience in DevOps

– You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Informatics or similar field

– You have experience working on team projects using Git

– You have experience with Unix-based systems and with shell-scripting (Bash, ZSH, Python, etc…)

– You have some understanding of Kubernetes and container-related problems (orchestration, monitoring, logging, networking, …)

– You have an understanding of the complexity and the assumptions that a multi-instance SaaS setup (one instance per customer) brings.

– You are proactive in raising issues, debugging errors with other team members, seeking additional work and take initiative with modern tools

– You have great oral and written communication skills in English

What you will do with us

– You’ll solve complex product and engineering challenges alongside the team (improving developer’s experience, making resilient processes, documenting for posterity, …)

– You’ll work on applying the DevOps principles wherever there’s the need: single source of truth, least privileges, automated infrastructure, observability, high availability, reproducibility, GitOps where possible, …

– You’ll work to improve/enforce DevSecOps practices across the whole team: automated security scanning and alerting, responding to security vulnerabilities reports coming from partners

– You’ll work on designing and implementing a centralized platform for managing configuration across tenants: the goal is to enforce best practices, reducing surface of error and improving the time and the burden needed to setup a new customer instance

– Challenge our thinking and take initiative where you see the need 🙂

What we offer

We are a young and fast-growing company with a strong ambition to change an old and slowly-changing industry.

To realize this, we’re building a stellar team in which you will be challenged tremendously and where you will work with a high level of autonomy. Apart from having the independence to move the needle you’ll be surrounded by an open team that is there to support you along the way. We like to have a laugh, play games & do sports together. With 12 nationalities and 9 different mother tongues (in a team of 30 people only!), you’ll be exposed to a close-knit diverse set of minds.

Our hybrid remote set up with offices in Antwerp and Zürich provides us with the flexibility of coming together when we want to while catering for every individual life-style.